Nico Savaro & SoLonely – Ghosted

LA native Nico Savaro & Swedish rapper SoLonely face severe loss with new single Ghosted. The single features melodic rapper, SoLonely and chases after that feeling we’ve all experienced (especially with the pandemic) of severe unrest. The unknown can be scary, and Savaro approaches it with a smooth and vibey track that confronts these harsh moments. Mental health is a theme Nico Savaro consistently captures in his music, as he takes to songwriting to battle his inner demons.

Ghosted is a smooth trap ballad that matches the brash feelings of losing someone close to you, yet soothes you to hold on through the dark times.

Ghosted was written from an experience of being abandoned by a long term partner. Here’s what Savaro had to say about the release:

“Often if someone is ghosting you it’s because they don’t have the mental capacity to properly address the situation. The song rings with a desperate plea for closure. Sometimes these separations feel like processing a real death: the feelings linger on as seek the answers we need to move on.”

SoLonely, a Swedish rapper joins the song to add his unique flavor and his own experience with personal loss, after his mother passed in 2018. SoLonely also uses his music as his way to cope with painful life experiences such as the void his mother left behind. Nico Savaro and SoLonely fuse their paralleled painful human experience, and created something beautiful to leave behind, that hopefully makes others going through loss feel less alone.

Chandler Juliet