Ninet Tayeb – Feel The Buzz

I want to let Ninet talk about this song, because it is so personal and intimate to where her mind is at now.

“In the last few days I’ve been thinking so hard about what I should write and how.
It is time to take a stand for what’s right and fight for those who cannot speak anymore.
A Change is coming, and through the pain we need to be open and let it rise.
I’m sharing with you all my new song – Feel The Buzz. Music keeps our hearts on.
I wanna feel the happiness of bringing this new baby into the world but this world of ours is fucked up.
Funny thing is, when I wrote this song in October 2019, I had no idea that this is what we all, as human beings, would experience.

Here are the lyrics

My heart knew the buzz.

My soul told me about the buzz.

And all I could do, back then, was go into my room and write these lines:

“We better wake our senses up

We better take some action

Or else we’ll drown in our own cup

And who’s gonna save the children..”

When I’m down and I feel like there’s no ground under my feet, I dive deep into music, any kind of music, because you know what, music is the most solid ground I’ve ever walked on.

I hope the song will be your solid ground. Even for a moment.”

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