She showed up in New York City 12 years ago with nothing but a backpack and a head full of dreams, and in short span of time Olya Sonica has undoubtedly become one of the most promising figures in the rock and roll scene, drawing in crowds starving for a fresh and vigorous new voice to drive them wild.

Olya comes from a classical piano background, which is -as far as I’m concerned- the ideal cornerstone upon which to build the platonic ideal of the Rocker. Over time, she added her self-taught guitar skills and her unique vocal profile to her arsenal. To all of these talents, she added extensive experience playing and touring with some of the best musicians from both the East and West coast of the U.S.

“You don’t know
What it’s like to be me
Come on and set me free
Live your own reality “

Olya’s newest kickass track is called “Doing It Without You”, and as you may have guessed it’s the perfect palate cleanser for all the sickly-sweet flavors left over by Valentine’s Day. If you’ve been dumped, divorced, mistreated, ignored or have gotten cheated on, consider this the perfect “Fuck you” anthem to blast.

When you’re no longer with a person you love/built a life with you think you can’t do it without them. “Doing It Without You” is an empowering mantra that helps you to move on, focus on your strength, find a new meaning and have fun along the way.

The track is built upon a strong honky tonk, blues-rock foundation, relying on low twangy riffs and Olya’s signature sultry-smokey vocals. It all revolves around a classic rock sound made fresh, something that Olya always seems to be aiming for with each new song.

“We picked Valentine’s Day for the release to really emphasize the point of finding joy after heartbreak & the healing powers of self-love. We also filmed a music video that has an uplifting divorce party theme to help promote the song.”

“Doing It Without You” is described as a valentine’s day break-up song that’s all about making you fall in love with yourself. Olya’s forthcoming debut album was recorded and produced by Ben Rice at Degraw Sound in Brooklyn, NY, and will be released in 2023 by Fan Girl Records, a new label for women by women. And If you’re in the L.A. area this March 3rd, you have to make sure you check her badass stage presence at the Harvard & Stone, You’ll thank us later.

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