On Planets & HANZ – Holiday (Off The Edge)

On Planets & HANZ are back with their new single “Holiday (Off The Edge)” out now via Lowly Palace & it’s incredible. In a cross continental collaboration, Vancouver’s On Planets & Norwegian producer HANZ blended their respective styles to create an ethereal single that glides between effortlessly atmospheric minimalism and an awesome vibey groove.

The songwriting flows with calm vocals that feel intense in their softness. I really love this song & the way it showcases two masterful artists without ever conflicting with itself internally. “Holiday (Off The Edge)” is a introduction to On Planets & HANZ, two truly unique artists making powerful strides.

In their words:

I wrote the lyrics for this song because of a conversation I had with an older friend who experienced some very unexpected and undeserving hardship at a point in his life that most people hope to be able to relax and start winding down. When I am out in the mountains, spitting over the edge of a sheer drop gives some perspective of just how close I am—one step—from complete obliteration. The song is sort of a sober and pragmatic take on the emotionalized and connotative idea of “giving up”. While I tried in many iterations to write an instrumental that reflected that, one day while cruising through Hanz’s sketches/unreleased there was a beat that struck me right away. The straightforward elegance that he captures in his production is perfect, and from that baseline, the song basically finished itself in a matter of days.” – On Planets

When I was in the early stages of making this track it was originally just the chord progression with drums. I put it up on my dump account and kind of forgot about it until On Planets contacted me and asked to collab. We decided to make it into something much bigger than my original plan and we really meshed together to make one of my personal favorite tracks I’ve ever been a part of.” – HANZ

Nathan Irving
Nathan Irving (aka Nate Flaks) is a writer for WFNM & 1/2 of the electronic indie-pop duo Sleeping Lion.