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SALVATION is the soulful and infectious second single from Only Girls forthcoming EP, Young Blood, released on March 11th. We are so excited for this new work, which appears to be such a major step in the right direction, with rich warm production, and clear vision. Having recently released an equally fantastic single, Young Blood, and having sold-out headline shows, there is no doubt that Only Girl is an artist to watch.

Only Girl had the following to say about this track:

“This song is about being at a real low point in life and looking for someone for save you, to pull you back from the edge. After going through so much in dealing with my husband’s traumatic brain injury 4 years ago, this song is my way of saying ‘Look I’m totally broken, but we don’t belong down here in the darkness, and I need you to help me believe that things can get better’,” Only Girl says. “It’s understanding that when you go through such a traumatic experience with someone, they may be the only one who can bring you back and give you some kind of salvation.”