Palm Honey: Bewitched

Okay, so we all know how good the new Tame Impala record is, right? And we all know just how much psychedelic-pop is making a come huge come back right now? Well, since Peace started this trend, and Swim Deep followed, and Kevin Parker ruled, along came UK-based Palm Honey.

Absolutely great songwriting, reminiscent of The Beatles and Beach Boys, and with a swirling tone, Palm Honey don’t have much information about them, but they do have the sound.

Super impressive track Bewitched reminds me of a summer day on the beach, with a cocktail and a few friends in LA; all we need now is some surf boards, some 70s dancing choreography, paisley beach blankets and some more of Palm Honey’s music… “Pass me that joint, this is absolutely devine, maaaaan…”

Also listen for Palm Honey on our weekly radio show here

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