Paria – Despite All Crazy

Norwegian artist, Paria has really impressed us with her brilliant new captivating pop sound. She’s influenced by artists like Amy Winehouse, Kanye West and Stromae. The sound is also rhythmic and influenced by hip hop and soulful harmonies. But the best part about her new song, Despite All Crazy, is the confidence and fresh effortless delivery she brings. After listening to hundreds of songs a day, it’s great to come across something so fresh sounding.

Paria said the following about ‘Despite All Crazy’

I wrote “Despite All Crazy” as a monologue with myself. I describe how it is to have to live with a voice in your head that makes you think and do the worst things to yourself and to the people around you. This song is an invitation to your demons or your partner or anyone you feel like you love but is making things difficult to corporate cause you know that you gotta live together.

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