Party Nails shares her sensitive single “Someway, Somehow”

There are always going to be challenges you face in life. Many times you will be tempted to just give up. Party Nails reminds us to keep fighting if not for you then for the ones you love. Her heartfelt track “Someway, Somehow” details the love you receive from friends, family and even strangers. She illustrates how that kindness should not be taken for granted. The singer admits, “It’s about the complete, full, forever love you feel and knowing that you will never, ever stop, despite all obstacles.” The vibrating guitars paired with her lush, magnetic tone make for a highly captivating piece.

Elana Carrol, the brilliant force behind Party Nails, is a New York native crafting music that is warm and passionate. Known for her masterful storytelling and wistful vocals, each of her offerings dives into her complex vulnerability. “Someway, Somehow” once again showcases each intense emotion leaving you in your feels. This song is a deep and tender must-listen.    

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