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Pen Pin’s “The Boredom” is pure fun 

Southern California duo Pen Pin has shared a new single and music video that can best be described as a damn good musical time. The song is called “The Boredom” and it is the follow up to their debut single “Fringe”. 

“The Boredom” showcases what the duo do best, write fun, catchy songs that are lighthearted yet important. The song is all about that dopamine burnout, most all of us have experience and when we do well we are just purely bored. Jeni of the band confides, “I hope it serves as a reminder not to be too hard on ourselves when we find ourselves scrolling through our phones yet again, without knowing how we got there. The boredom isn’t necessarily evil, but it’s a character that you might not always want around but seems to show up when you least expect it anyway.” 

The track is a magnetic musical oasis complete with surf rock guitars and alluring melodies. Harmonious sonic layers and hypnotic rhythms make the tune a standout in the crowded indie pop genre.