Phangs – _A BREAK

Our phavorite left-of-center dream pop prince has served up a heartfelt dual-single release, titled _A BREAK (June 14), certified to get those happy chemicals pumping and pearly white phangs showing.

The release is inspired by the profound love Phangs discovered post engagement to his wife Hope. The first single “Good Now” is a fresh realization of the track released in 2018, that has redefined his live performance and brought him a new wealth of unconditional love for his fans, or more accurately, his phamily.

Title track, “_A BREAK” is interestingly enough an interlude, literally a break from dance-inducing “Good Now” to 80s-inspired ballad “Powerline.” Though only 27-seconds in duration, “_A BREAK” is still noteworthy in the way Phangs plays with sound localization, ambient noises, and found samples.

A perfect segue into synth-laden love song “Powerline,” Phangs goes heavy with the gushy feels and musical nostalgia. If you’ve been dying for your epic, get-lost-in-one-another 80s movie moment, here it is. As Phangs describes his undying love he sets an electric romantic scene, one that would make even Molly Ringwald swoon.

Jessica Thomas