Phé – You & Me

Ever since the release of Crisis (EP), the contemporary R&B singer-songwriter Phé once again takes our breath away with ‘You & Me’- a cover from the original title by Disclosure and Eliza Doolittle.

It’s mind-blowing to see how Phé transforms the song into her own with a unique twist of soulful R&B, dance/dubstep that makes you go: “This is so Phé”!

Before we’re too busy feeling feels with her newly released masterpiece, Phé has something to share with our beloved WFNM readers about her relationship with music: “I’m not typically big on covers, but one of my focuses this year has been bringing fun back into the process of creating music, and simply exploring/creating for the sake of joy. By the end of last year, I had found myself feeling really disconnected from my creative process and the ways in which I viewed music. And so, in an attempt to unlearn the negative habits and thought processes I was beginning to form when it came to making music, I’ve been playing around a lot more, singing just for fun on my own, venturing out of my comfort zone, and taking myself and music in general a little less seriously in order to bring back the joy that exists in music. Music exists to be enjoyed and experienced, and so I am working on doing just that!””

Don’t worry, Phé. You’re doing great! Keep pushing and have fun in the process!

Instagram: @phemusic

Vivienne Do