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Pigeon Club shares folky indie rock anthem “Ancient History”

Los Angeles based Pigeon Club has released “Ancient History”. The song is a standout on his forthcoming full length album to be released later this year.

“Ancient History” blends twangy guitars with melancholic acoustics and vulnerable melodies. A superb and interwoven genre defying tapestry, the song blends elements of folk, rock, pop, country and Americana. The track is a deeply contemplative song, where the artist reflects upon his past and how time moves so quickly. Detailing loss, heartfelt memories and interpersonal relationships, the timeless and important narrative is deeply evocative. Pigeon Club shared a music video as well, with old family videos from his past.

Pigeon Club is the musical project of Los Angeles based artist/musician/songwriter Wayne Whittaker. Together, the prolific creative has partnered with John Would (Fiona Apple, Warren Zevon) and Amy Wood (Fiona Apple, The Amys) for a must listen to all enveloping listen.