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Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue shares funk pop fun in “Back to School”

New York’s Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue returns with a brand new single. Called “Back to School”, the song is an elevated indie pop hit infused with funk rhythms and dance worthy beats.

“Back to School” profiles chasing an infatuation, someone who “who is gonna give you a run for your money. Someone who rewrites the rules, and you wanna play by whatever those new rules are,” says Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue. With colorful electronics, a memorable chorus and disco worthy bass, “Back to School” is a joyous and euphoric sonic ride.

Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue is the project of musician, singer, songwriter and producer Eric ‘Doc’ Mendelsohn. The artist teamed up with Ensemble Records in partnership with tuscan sounds for this musical gem.