Plasmic shares imaginative new synth pop single and video “Ghosted you”

Alt pop meets electro synth singer/songwriter Plasmic has shared her latest single and video for “Ghosted you”. The truly infectious single is the singer’s best work to date with a relatable narrative and ear pleasing melody. 

“Ghosted you” is all about that dreaded act of going completely silent on someone in a romantic relationship. In this unique narrative though, Plasmic takes the side of the person doing the ghosting and shows the mental health crisis they are in to make that decision to ghost. The campy queer video shows Plasmic as a ghost and Jobeth Wagner as the “heartbroked ghosted goth girl”. The enthralling video was directed by Kenneth Lui and produced by Mariana Lui at Mental Picture Productions. Plasmic confides, “The message the video conveys is that you have to move one no matter how painful a situation is. Ghost’s will remain Ghost’s, but you have the opportunity to be the one that got away.”

Plasmic is known for her explosive live shows and keytar melodies full of fervor and grace. With more music to come, we can’t wait to hear what is next from Plasmic! 

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