Playful and Fun Are Back on the Menu With Sabrina Pirzada’s Retro-Inspired Debut Album Tell Them Not to Look For Me

Sabrina Pirzada is a singer-songwriter with a big goal, to make the world a better place using the power of her music. While she might not be a teenage witch Sabrina has worked in pretty much everything, from waitress to executive assistant and she’s finally pursuing her dreams in the music industry. “When I’m on hold with customer service I dance to the hold music. This is probably the perfect analogy to describe how I live.” Sabrina explains. Her life philosophy is to have fun and help others while doing so. She might look like your regular next-door girl but let me tell you, she’s something truly special. She has a strange voice that isn’t empirically pleasing. Sabrina has been told her entire life by teachers, critics, and others that this is what’s supposed to stop her. However, she’s not taking the bait. In the end, her goal is for people to hear her heart louder than her voice. As she asks herself what she wants to be loved for, it isn’t what she looks or sounds like- it’s who she is.

Debuting with a 10-track album Tell Them Not To Look For Me, each song offers a truly unique experience. Sabrina talks about the creative process behind making the album “I have radically eclectic musical influences and the result is retro ambient dream rock punctuated with Americana ballads about unrequited love that I should be way too embarrassed to write about, but I’m not.” Let’s take a look at each song and see what Sabrina has to offer.

“Countin’ Down to Midnight” is our opening song, where Sabrina’s iconic voice is heard. I know “iconic” might be a strong word but I think it is the right one. Sabrina truly has a unique voice like nothing you have heard before. Her voice is captivating and mesmerizing, combined with a very playful sound it’s an excellent way to start the album. “Half The Time” continues the trend of spirited melodies. Soft guitars are now center stage, while Sabrina’s voice takes on a whole new level of emotion. The song paints a picture of love and longing, and the feeling of being stuck in a moment. Following is “You Put the Rock n’ Roll Back”. A beautiful retro-inspired ballad. Sabrina transported me back in time with this one. It almost reminds me of an old prom song from the 50s. A truly remarkable experience. “Steel Blue Eyes” embraces us with its warm melody. The acoustic guitar is the main instrument, with Sabrina’s voice leading the way. The combination of the two creates a special atmosphere that captures the heart of the listener. The song is a perfect example of Sabrina’s talent and artistry. Tell Them Not To Look For Me is a different beast than what we had before. Americana and country influences are very strong here. The song is a powerful ballad with a narrative that tells a story of secret love. The song is an emotional roller coaster that takes you on a journey and leaves you wanting more. Sabrina’s vocal performance is simply mesmerizing. Sabrina switches genres again with the alt-rock “Don’t Wanna Miss The Man”. This one in my opinion is the highlight of the album. “White Dress” is next, another upbeat tune with Americana feel but with a modern twist. Sabrina takes us through a journey of heartache and longing. The song is filled with emotion, making it an unforgettable experience. I could see the next song “Where You Are” opening for something like The Bradys Bunch. It has a classic rock feel, with a modern twist. Sabrina’s vocals shine through, and the lyrics are energetic and meaningful. Nothing short of remarkable. We slow down with “I Still Say Hallelujah”. Another sweet heartwarming ballad that will put a smile on your face. Last but not least “(It Doesn’t Matter) Where I Die”. Sabrina closes her album with a heartbreaking country song. While not all rainbows and sunshine, the bittersweet feeling is welcome. A magnificent way to end our journey.

“This record is about a lot of things, but mostly, it’s about going all in. ‘Tell Them Not to Look for Me’ is like, ‘Damn the torpedoes. Forget the obstacles. Let’s proceed.’ It’s an examination of questions like, “What things are worth risking everything for? What are the things that have real value? To what lengths am I willing to go for that? What am I willing to bear and why? What good can I make out of this? What is my job?” It’s about deciding what that is and going all in for it.”

I can see Sabrina becoming a household name. Her voice is the most unique thing I have heard in quite a while. Her talent is undeniable and she’s not afraid to take risks. She’s trying to create a world within these songs that everyone can be a part of—writing her stories down in the hope that maybe you’ll see your stories in there somewhere too.


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