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[PREMIERE] Cooper & Gatlin – Break

Stellar pop duo, Cooper & Gatlin, debut with their vibey new song “Break”. Opening with spacious synths that evoke a kind of nostalgia, the vocals glide in with a plaintive mellowness. Everything builds from there, maintaining a cool sparseness while grooving along, driven by strong & catchy songwriting. The chorus erupts with powerful harmonies and a heartbreaking hook. This is an incredibly impressive debut and I can’t wait to see where Cooper & Gatlin go from here!

In their words:
We are so excited for the release of our debut single ‘Break’. As artists, writing ‘Break’ was the first time we felt like we truly honed in on our sound, thus opening us up to a whole new world of musical possibilities. Breakups suck, and we hope our listeners find solace and empowerment through this song, and know that we can all get through this.” -Cooper & Gatlin