[Premiere] Dan Graydon – Elated

We are so “elated” to be premiering the latest single from Dan Graydon, the pop/soul artist you never knew you needed. Dan has definitely got some Sam Smith vibes, but displays his own unique and soulful vulnerability that ferociously shines through in this new single. With seemingly effortless pop production, “Elated” immediately pulls you in from the very first guitar riff, all the way to the end with every new line and vocal run, and will have you singing along in agreement with its catchy chorus, “ooh, I’m elated”.

Here’s what the gifted singer songwriter had to say about the track:

‘Elated’ is a vulnerable but fiery statement of passion. The song is inspired by a backpacking trip I took to Yosemite. Being alone in the wilderness for a week I reached a new depth, a new connection with the earth that I can only hope I’ll be able to reach with a partner. ‘Elated’ encapsulates nature’s movement and its energy, seducing it into a dark bedroom. There I wait for a lover to closely and tirelessly take me back to where nature so easily brought me: pure bliss.”

Powerful track from a powerful artist, whom we’ll be closely following.

Chandler Juliet