[PREMIERE] KidEyes – Malibu

The sun is disappearing later in the evening, our unusually heavy LA rainfall this year has subsided and the critters that have been hibernating for the past few months are back out to play. You know what that means, spring-time is in the air with summer right around the corner, and KidEyes has arrived in the nick of time to take you straight to good-vibes town in new single, “Malibu” (May 3).    

A nostalgic, feel good track leaning towards the indie-rock side of their sound, KidEyes encourages you to relinquish those things in life that bring you down and embrace some classic “California dreamin’.” Both vocalist Greg Cahn and producer/multi-instrumentalist Ben Epand, know the trials and tribulations of pursuing one’s dreams. Having seen many stages of their careers through their previous projects, it is clear that the pair have come to a very humbling conclusion, one that becomes a repeated mantra throughout the single. A simple but important concept to remember, KidEyes’ message for you is to hold onto your dreams with all that you’ve got because truly, all will be better off “the moment you take it.”

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Jessica Thomas