[PREMIERE] Madison Malone – Shoreline

Madison Malone is back with her powerful new anthem, “Shoreline”.

Swelling with a blend of mellow synth elements and a thumping drum groove, Madison Malone’s voice sails above it all telling the story of ambition and drive.

The chorus is anthemic and hopeful, full of energy and heartfelt power; there’s a rawness to this coming from someone who has successfully escaped their small town for something grander.

“Shoreline” is a part of a collection of songs that Madison Malone wrote in a cabin outside of Montreal with producer Hugo Montecristo (Cirque du Soleil).

It’s clear Madison Malone is an emerging artist & songwriter who can vividly see path ahead of her and has the soul to race down it.

In her words:
‘Shoreline’ is about coming from a small town & wanting to be able to fully express who you are. Growing up in rural Wisconsin as a closeted pansexual, feminist, striving to be pop-star, I understood what it meant to hide parts of myself to fit in. I have grown from these experiences and want to support others to be out & proud of who they are and the big dreams that they have. I want to spread this song worldwide to encourage others to shine shine shine wherever they live!” -Madison Malone

Nathan Irving
Nathan Irving (aka Nate Flaks) is a writer for WFNM & 1/2 of the electronic indie-pop duo Sleeping Lion.