[PREMIERE] Pontea – Down for the Ride

Electro-pop r&b songstress Pontea is embracing the ultimate adventure in her fresh new single, “Down for the Ride”. We are very excited to be riding shotgun on that ride today as we proudly premiere it on We Found New Music.

Down for the Ride is lives up to its title in more ways than one, as it both lyrically and sonically provides the feeling of forward momentum, with its effortless and groovy pop production. This track will have you dancing in the car on a road trip, or instantly take you back to a memory of an adolescent first.

Pontea is showcasing her dulcet vocals and gifted songwriting ability, and more than ever, she’s blossoming in her ownership of her unique sound, blending indie-pop and r&b, and seductively shocks you when she comes in with a Farsi-sung bridge, as a nod to her Persian roots.

We are definitely down for the ride of Pontea’s journey, and can’t wait to see what’s next from this unique and truly talented artist.

Chandler Juliet