VOKES is back with their new single “Easy to Hate,” and this track is anything but. The second single on their upcoming ‘Delusions’ EP, “Easy to Hate” displays the daily frustration with social media and the envy and loneliness that it breeds.

Guitarist & vocalist, Mike Harris, says the single was inspired by, “scrolling through Instagram and seeing the ‘highlight reel’ of friends, exes, and acquaintances doing extraordinary things while we were just on our regular grind.”

Despite the Black Mirror vibes of the subject matter, the first beats of the song reveals a catchy funk pop melody. The delicately balanced dichotomy of the upbeat groove with cynical dark lyrics creates a song that has us reaching for the repeat button.

VOKES is a Pop Rock meets Soul band based out of Los Angeles, CA. Comprised of lead vocalist & guitarist Mike Harris, guitarist & vocalist Dylan Robin, keyboardist & vocalist Trae Budde, bassist Sean Ritchie, and drummer Garrett Harney.

Don’t miss VOKES live this Friday night at The Peppermint Club!

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