[PREMIERE] Teddi Gold – Video Games

The new innovative artist to watch is Teddi Gold, releasing her first single, “Video Games”. This indie-pop anthem will catch listeners ears within seconds. The songs starts with scattered sound effects that mirror those of a typical video game, setting the tone for the message of the song. The production behind Teddi’s voice is captivating and cohesive to her perspective on digital media in a modern relationship that can be heard through her lyrics.
Teddi said it herself that the, “Inspiration for the song started quite literally with my boyfriend constantly playing video games. Taking this example as a starting point it made me question the broader relationship we have to technology and how addictive it is, how it takes us out of the present moment with the people who are right in front of us. *I will note that I actually now love the game Zelda!!”
This song parallels what it might actually feel like to be in a video game, until the bridge hits with power chords of an acoustic guitar, building up for the final chorus making it sound even more intoxicating than before.
Teddi Gold may be a new artist, but she is definitely not new to writing a hit song and I am excited to see what she creates next.

Janie Hammond