Pusher: Fences ft. CAPPA

This song makes me feel like I’m about to go through my toy box: the joy to my childhood (not just because of the cover art). With the playfulness that shines through both Pusher‘s production and CAPPA‘s vocals, you can’t help but feel like dancing along with every element placed in the song.

I really enjoy the youthful and refreshing production being paired with lyrics that paint innocence and youthfulness like: “… you breathe me to life / For the first time / For the first time”

“Fences” is off Pusher’s EP “New Laces”, that released today 9/16, and along with CAPPA’s new EP “Queen of Hearts”! Both their EPs are amazing and you should definitely head over to your streaming service to listen to them now.

SPOTIFY: Stream Pusher’s “New Laces” | Stream CAPPA’s “Queen of Hearts”

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