Queer Artist Kia Rose Conquers Music Industry with New Single I Wanna Be Famous

21-year-old composer, producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist Kia Rose is landing with her latest hit in her hands “I Wanna Be Famous.” Perfectly mixing pop, R&B, and jazz, she is ready to bring her music to mainstream audiences. Kia brings a fresh perspective to the pop scene, using her sweet voice and original takes. Her music is a reflection of her life experiences and her undeniable talent. I Wanna Be Famous is an emphatic declaration that she has arrived as a musical powerhouse to take her place among the greats.

With her sights set on success, Kia is sure to make a mark on the music industry. In 2021, she released her debut album “Phase” and released additional singles that have received more than 200,000 streams on Spotify. A number of media platforms have featured her work, including Paul Reed Smith Guitars, Tinnitus, and iHeartRadio. A playlist featuring Kia was also included on Spotify’s Radar Canada and New Music Friday Canada, as well as a playlist created by the Curator. Aside from her own music, Kia’s guitar skills caught the attention of Mervish Theatre for the Tony Award-winning production “SIX”, premiering September 2023 at the Royal Alexandria Theatre in Toronto, Canada.

Kia’s I Wanna Be Famous is a heartfelt pop song that is easy to both listen to and dance along with. Although some may view I Wanna Be Famous as “just another pop song”, those who delve deeper will discover its significant depth and emotion. According to Kia, ‘I Wanna Be Famous’ explores the human desire to be accepted and praised, while striving to retain your own individuality. Achieving success does not guarantee a sense of contentment in life – it is often only after people have sacrificed who they truly are that they come to this understanding.

“I Wanna Be Famous” is easily one of the leading contenders for outstanding indie pop songs of 2023. Whoever comes next will have a tough time matching it. The catchy melody and powerful lyrics make it stand out from the crowd. It’s an excellent example of how high-quality pop music can still be created today.


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