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Rain or Shine: BAND-MAID Promises to Be Your “Bestie”

For a long time now, my experience has led me to the firm belief that Japan produces musicians of extraordinary talent and/or uniquely creative approaches. Virtually every time I have the pleasure of encountering a new Japanese artist either via exploration or recommendation, I tend to feel extremely satisfied with what they have in store, and today’s band is no exception.

Enter BAND-MAID, a raucous, melodic all-female rock band formed in 2013 that takes on the gothic lolita/maid cafe aesthetic and places it right in the middle of a whirlwind of heavily distorted riffs and enthralling pop-leaning vocals.

Consisting of Miku Kobato on guitar and vocals, Saiki on vocals, Kanami on the lead guitar, Misa on bass, and Akane on drums, BAND-MAID, introduced kawaii metal globally. BAND-MAID combines highly recognizable Japanese pop culture items into their tough-as-nails sound, a rare fusion that has garnered over 198 million views for their music videos. In 2023, the band embarked on their 10th anniversary tour, performing in Japan, the U.S., and Mexico, including a notable appearance at Lollapalooza and concluding at the historic Yokohama Arena. 

BAND-MAID’s latest track “Bestie” was co-written by none other than Incubus’ own Mike Einziger. “Bestie” conveys a message of unwavering friendship and support. The roaring guitars set a grungy mood, while the upbeat pop-infused vocals emphasize the idea of being there for someone through both good and challenging times. The song captures a deep sense of solidarity and the comfort of knowing that someone will always be there, making it a heartfelt and uplifting tribute to the power of friendship.

BAND-MAID has two special shows coming up in Japan. On May 1, they’ll be joining Incubus as special guests at Tokyo Garden Theater. Then, on June 12, they’ll be collaborating with THE WARNING at EX Theater Roppongi. 

BAND-MAID’s fun yet subversive and playful style sets them apart in the music industry, where they’ve carved out a prominent position. They stand out from traditional pop idols by writing their own songs and showcasing impressive musical skills that can easily wow even the most denim-clad, frowny-faced metalhead.