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Raylee Forest’s “My World” is innovative and inspiring

Chinese born but California based pop singer-songwriter Raylee Forest has unveiled her unique and enveloping new EP. Called My World, the five song EP melds a variety of genres from pop, electronica, disco, and even metal. The EP is her debut but the artist is a prolific writer releasing numerous singles since debuting music last year.

The EP begins with “Fly”, an elevated pop song all about conquering one’s own fears and persevering for a better future. Throughout the song she reminds herself that she has done big things before and she can continue to do so, even when times are tough. She sings, “I was born to fly, up high in the sky, I’ve done it a million times”. Then there is “Secret Garden” , a nostalgic love song giving an ode to magic, and the mystic. Her vocals are sun-kissed and inviting as she sings over mellow guitars and spirited playful synths. With “Fortune Teller”, Raylee releases an upbeat dance pop song reminiscent of early Lady Gaga and her ArtPop era. Driving bassline, haunting melodies and lyrics that offer introspective depth are all hallmarks of this unique single. Raylee goes metal with hard-hitting track “Let Them Out”, a ferocious banger all about confronting the monsters of our past. The EP ends with “Dream Walker”, a stunning downtempo melodic pop rock song. Gorgeous instrumentation and romantic vocals entice the listener with every note.

Raylee Forest has managed to create a true masterpiece with My World. Collaborating with her renowned producer Isha Erskine (Maroon 5, Ziggy Marley), the five song journey is truly special.