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Rebounder Welcomes You to “Dreamland” with Newest Release

NYC indie rock scene has found its latest champion in Rebounder, a captivating four-piece ensemble delivering hypnotic, garage-infused sounds and quintessential witty lyrics. Their most recent single, “Dreamland,” encapsulates the unique joy and exhilarating experiences of youthful abandon.

The track creates a rich ambiance through sun-kissed guitar riffs, edgy basslines, and thundering drums, all complemented by a velvety, self-assured voice that effortlessly navigates high notes. “Dreamland” exudes creativity, unwavering optimism, and pulse-quickening excitement. Frontman Dylan Chenfield croons, “Don’t think we’ll regret it, at least not in the present – close your eyes and take me to dreamland.” The song immerses listeners in an enchanting, dopamine-fueled sonic world and vivid, otherworldly scenery.

As Rebounder prepares for their US tour in May, they have already built an impressive resume, sharing the stage with renowned acts such as Phoenix, The Neighbourhood, Dayglow, Cautious Clay, How Long Gone, and MUNA. With “Dreamland” as their latest offering, it is poised to captivate audiences far and wide.