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RedrumSociety Jumps Back in the Fray With “Don’t Hate Me”

Formed in 2008 by four high school friends in South Florida, RedrumSociety rose to local prominence through intimate jam sessions. Tragedy struck in 2009 when the band’s virtuosic bassist, Dylan, mysteriously died. The remaining trio – Esdras, Espo, and Zach – pressed on, but by 2013 family obligations had scattered the group, leaving Zach alone in Los Angeles as personal demons threatened to unravel the band. After retreating home in 2015, Zach was inspired to resurrect RedrumSociety three years later, driven to honor his fallen bandmates. Today, the reformed group features Zach and a new lineup, having even scored a top 25 Billboard rock hit – a testament to the power of friendship, passion, and art’s redemptive power.

The band’s toughest days seem to be behind them, at least for now, and while they’ve explored these trials and tribulations before in tracks such as “Run From The Law”, now it seems they’re looking to bask in less gloomy, more carefree days, which is reflected in the style and upbeat tone of their newest single, “Don’t Hate Me”.

Speaking on the track, the band’s frontman Zach Cohen reveals ‘“Don’t Hate Me” is about the perpetual pursuit of someone you want to be with, when they clearly don’t want anything to do with you.” Cohen unapologetically confesses his love to the song’s counterpart in a lighthearted and fun way throughout the song, over a deep and loose jamming arrangement.

The track is indeed fun and jangly, and though far from derivative, it sounds exactly like something that The Rolling Stones could have put out -yeah, it’s *that* good, too.

“Don’t Hate Me,” blends the band’s well-known alt-rock energy with a straight-shooting emotional narrative. Despite the song’s subject delving into unrequited love, an unexpected vibrancy and optimism permeate the overall tone. Zach’s dynamic vocals effortlessly navigate the nuanced emotional landscape, transitioning between unabashed yearnings and the underlying sense of unwanted affection with a happy-go-lucky disposition.

The track reflects the persistent pursuit of an elusive connection, serving as a testament to the band’s resilience and unwavering passion. The upbeat, energetic nature conveys a renewed sense of positivity and the joy of creating music once again with RedrumSociety. This offering signifies the band’s triumphant return, promising a musical experience that surpasses their previous work.