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Rett Madison – Emily

Born and raised in West Virginia, Rett Madison’s introduction to music was taking road trips with her mom. Classic Rock and pop like Fleetwood Mac, Prince, Cat Stevens, and Madonna filled the car speakers. And while these early influences are still present in Rett’s music, the twenty-four-year-old LA resident is bringing her own style of pop-Americana to the airwaves. Her first single ‘Pin-Up Daddy’ immediately turned heads in 2019 and her fan base has been rapidly growing since. 

With the poise and strength of artists like Julien Baker and Brandi Carlile, Rett Madison is showcasing intimacy and musical growth in real time. On her latest single, ‘Emily’, Rett combines smooth percussion with quaking vocals that are never lacking in power. Gripping vocal runs quickly pull back to soft and simple pleas. ‘Emily’ is Rett brooding over a love she hasn’t quite given up on. Signs of what’s to come on her anticipated debut album, Pin-Up Daddy

Just a few years back, Rett was sixteen and attending Interlochen Arts Academy where she fully immersed herself in songwriting. She then moved to LA and attended college for a couple years before changing course and focusing solely on music. It was around this time that, comfortable with her direction as an artist, she was struggling with her identity as a person. It was then Rett was able to fully accept her queerness. Growing up in a small, religious town, doubt creeped in every chance it could. But through the years, Rett has not only grown to fully accept her own queer identity but ensure she’s there as a voice of support for anyone who may be struggling with those same questions. 

Says Rett, “I try to be open about my queerness and those experiences in my music now, so that kids who may be living through similar experiences that I once did, won’t feel as alone and will know there’s better days ahead of them.”