[SHOW REVIEW] Younger Hunger at Echo Park Rising 2019

Younger Hunger are a self-described “FORCE FOR CHOAS AND DESTRUCTION” and their performance at The Echo, for Echo Park Rising 2019, was destruction on a level that would violate the Geneva Convention…in the best way possible. A mixture of tongue-in-cheek sarcasm with nihilistic fatalism, Younger Hunger’s Orange County roots are evident in lyrics like “You ask me what I want from life// I said to make a lot of money// and feel dead inside.”

The band closed their set with “Dead Inside” which should be the official county anthem for OC. Younger Hunger’s latest show was more polished than previous performances but had the same theatrical non-sequiturs like the woman with skull face paint and a glassy eyed thousand yard stare, who sat silently at the feet of lead vocalist and guitarist Tony Davia. Expect big things from Younger Hunger and be sure to stream their latest single, “Straight Face” now.

Kate Bent