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Riley Max is a rising songwriter and “Violet” is a standout pop rock single

Colorado based teen singer/songwriter Riley Max is a versatile artist on the rise. Her debut album ROY G BIV is an eclectic sonic journey highlighting genres pop, rock, folk and even Jazz.

The single “Violet” is our favorite. With a hard-hitting pop punk vocal delivery, Riley Max sings a goodbye to her past lover. Grungy guitars, ferocious drums and a steady bass collide with Riley’s fearless melodies for an anthemic and powerful chorus. The song is about the color violet, the one she sees when she thinks about her ex. Their feelings are all over the place and with “Violet” Riley Max has had enough and bids farewell to them.

Riley Max is a true talent who has already achieved major creative career milestones at a young age, including singing for the United Nations and recording with Grammy-winning musicians. Her album ROY G BIV is a collection of songs that is inspired by the different colors of emotions. The songwriter and multi instrumentalist has an innate ability to share her innermost feelings which spill out into her songs, creating intoxicating and relatable musical pieces.