Roger Jaeger – Momentum

Quick off the heels of his uplifting single “Daylight”, indie alternative artist Roger Jaeger dips into nostalgia with the release of his latest hit “Momentum”. Delivering a sound reminiscent of some of Dave Matthews’ biggest hits, “Momentum” captures the feeling of moving forward without putting too much pressure on the moment he’s experiencing.

Delivering a relatable tale of true love and the eagerness that comes within its early days, Jaeger’s raw and vulnerable lyrics embrace the good times without overthinking what he’s actually got. His full focus is maintaining the momentum. She lived in California and at the time, he lived in Tennessee; even with the distance at play, the song proves that he couldn’t keep her off his mind. A sound fit for the changing of seasons, “Momentum” delivers a true and steady groove from beginning to end.

Currently residing in northern California, Roger Jaeger’s music channels a feeling that the world is truly desperate for. His rare blend of genres captivates listeners from all over the world, landing him major placements in shows like General Hospital and the movie “Lights, Camera, Romance”.

His new single announcement precedes a major performance opportunity where he’ll be performing as part of SXSW 2023 at Labelcoin House on Wednesday March 15th. Having graced stages from Nashville’s Bluebird Cafe to pubs across Ireland, Jaeger’s music continues to prove its universal appeal.

While not making music, he collects creative inspiration from his many travels across the globe as well as his introspective dips into some of his favorite books including The War of Art and Austin Kleon’s Steal Like an Artist. Roger also teaches songwriting for The University of The Nations in India. You can feel his well-rounded experience through his music and “Momentum” definitely does not disappoint. 

Chandler Juliet