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Rosalie James shares incredible “ISLAND” with collaboration from Storefront Church

“ISLAND” by Rosalie James is a captivating journey into the depths of human emotion and resilience. The UK based artist has shared two singles this year “Soft Target” and “Girl I Was” both of which are masterpieces and indie rock gems and “ISLAND” is no exception. The song is her third single leading up to her upcoming  highly anticipated album Full of Chemicals produced by Daniel Knowles.

The track is a personal one for the artist who became a mother as a teen. The song discusses how difficult it can be to be a parent especially when one is dealing with issues including mental health issues and addiction. She confides, “The song gives insight into the experience of parenting when you’re little more than a child yourself. It speaks of the loss and regret implicit in realising that although you did your best, it often wasn’t good enough.” “ISLAND” features stunning vocals from LA-based musical tour de force Storefront Church (Lukas Frank). James establishes a dreamy atmosphere that invites listeners to escape into her world. The melodies are hauntingly beautiful, weaving together elements of folk, pop, and indie rock to create a sound that is uniquely her own.

With a bevy of critical acclaim and receiving the award for best song in the unpublished category by the International Songwriting Competition, Rosalie James has become a breakout artist in 2024. “ISLAND” is another gem in her ever growing catalogue.