Royal and the Serpent – MMXX

Okay, you guys have to hear this track. This is actually a perfect song to kick off 2020, I currently have this one on repeat. If you’re looking for an sassy, upbeat, indie-pop pump up jam from a fierce femme this January, I highly recommend “MMXX” from Royal and the Serpent.

I’m so intrigued by this artist and this bangin track. Who knew such swagger could come from such a small voice?! I mean this in a good way, I am drawn IN to Royal’s gorgeous and unusual vocal tone and empowered, driven attitude. Opening on a bouncy piano beat, a soft and sultry voice comes in with a rappy-soulful verse and you can tell she is singing from the heart with these incredibly real lyrics.

“I worn in 94, to a single mother of one, she taught me more than I asked for, and baby I’ve just begun”, baby girl is pouring her soul out the bouncy pop beat!

She sings about her personal experience with chasing the dream of becoming a successful artist, and calls out the industry in subtle ways, yet I still feel her fire and passion to succeed burn through the song. She turns the dark parts of the song positive with lines such as, “I’ll make it in 2020” & “I’ll just keep working hard until I get mine” ~ a couple mantras we could all use a bit more of.

Check out “MMXX” by Royal and the Serpent that debuted on Spotify’s New Music Friday Playlist on release day, and now resides high on Spotify’s coveted Indie Pop playlist.

Chandler Juliet