Royal & the Serpent – get a grip [EP]

Following the breakout success of her track “Overwhelmed,” mystifying alt pop artist Royal & The Serpent releases her next project ‘get a grip’ today that includes 2 new tracks “Choke” and “Warn You,” “Overwhelmed” and a stripped version of the leading single.

Royal & the Serpent is an incredibly unique artist both visually and sonically, with a distinctive vocal quality that will make you ask “who is this?” when you hear her on the radio, Tik Tok, or wherever music finds you these days.

“Overwhelmed”, the leading track off the EP has had incredible success, cracking Top 20 at Alt Radio and clocking more than 44M
plays and 3.5M creates on TikTok since June.

Royal will be joining YUNGBLUD on his ‘The Weird Time of Life’ global digital tour, kicking off November 16th, 2020 and spanning 16 dates across the globe. Each show will be a unique localized experience with full-scale production.

Check out the incredible music video for “Overwhelmed” with over 5 million views below:

Following the explosive and relatable opening, comes “Choke” which seems to ride the wave of dark and spooky-pop that is taking over pop music right bow by the likes of Billie Eilish, UPSAHL, etc., and Royal is an exciting powerful addition to that wave.

The last song we are blessed with is my personal favorite, “Warn You”, a groovy and raw rock track which first entices you with a sexy bass line, which explodes into a catchy melodic descending vocal line, mixing sounds of organic groovy instruments lines and raspy sounds and vocal stacks.

Then we have the opportunity to listen to “Overwhelmed” again as an ever more eerie acoustic song.

I’m thrilled to see the evolution and success of this unique artist and am always excited to hear what she has for us next!

Chandler Juliet