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RYTERBAND and the Seduction of His “Lies”

RYTERBAND is a talented artist who continues to carve his unique path with his capacity to venture into a variety of genres that can go from acoustic ballads to hypnotizing and energetic house beats. However, RYTERBAND is not only capable of creating unforgettable and catchy sounds but also has a unique talent for creating lyrics that reflect a deep observation of society and the way today’s world shapes our emotions. This talent has granted him awards such as the 2021 John Lennon Songwriting Contest, which explains how he keeps consistently delivering great production after another.

His latest track, “Lies” is a tempting piece that includes influences from progressive house, indie electro-pop, and vapor soul. 

Through its four minutes, the LA-based songwriter and producer exposes the emptiness and fragility of modern interactions built with the minimum effort from the coziness of a non-demanding screen. Though it was originally inspired by the emotional distance the author had with a lover, the song escalated until becoming “a commentary about the internet age, and the way technology has fueled our separation from one another.”

“In the fall of 2017, I was lying in bed with a lover when it occurred to me that in our nine months together, we had never really relied on each other, we hadn’t met each other’s friends, we barely ever met outside of the bedroom. We had agreed on a strange equilibrium: it was safer to stay together without true intimacy than to seek something more and risk being alone. This is what “Lies” is about.” – RYTERBAND explains

From the very beginning, the dreamy synth melody and RYTERBAND’s smooth vocals invite the listeners to surrender. But as the song progresses, the lyrics become more and more biting, as he sings about the lies that we tell ourselves and each other to avoid the noise from loneliness, in the name of convenience and instant gratification. “I knew, I knew, but / I still believe in lies” he sings repeatedly in the chorus, exposing that for many it is way easier to close their eyes to reality to seek meaningful real connections. 

In addition to the song, RYTERBAND has also created a captivating music video. This thought-provoking production perfectly complements the song’s message. The video that follows a lonely man falling in love with a camgirl is not only meticulous but also full of details. The neon lights and bright colors from the girl’s room contrast sharply with the opaque illumination and emptiness of the boy. The video’s editing is also top-notch. The distorted transitions from reality to fantasy reflect the fragmentation of our digital lives.


Photo Credit: Anna Azarov