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Sadye’s “Keep It To Myself” is a seductive dark pop offering

Los Angeles based artist Sadye has returned with a raw and irresistible alt pop single “Keep It To Myself”. The track is the latest single off of her highly anticipated upcoming EP.

“Keep It To Myself” was produced by influential rising producer Slush Puppy (Leah Kate, Nessa Barrett) and highlights Sadye’s unique vocals over evocative sonic textures and edgy basslines. The song is all about that toxic love affair, the one we want to keep under wraps. Oftentimes embarrassment comes from these hook ups but yet we continue to indulge and with “Keep It To Myself” Sadye discusses this highly relatable theme.

Sadye is a left-of-center pop maverick. Creating experimental sounds that are equally infectious and cathartic, her music has already received acclaim from critics all around the world. Check out “Keep It To Myself” now and enjoy the ride.