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Sadye’s “The Joke Is On Me” is irresistible and vulnerable

Sadye is an artist we have been watching here at We Found New Music since her debut release “Biblical” last year. Since then, she has continuously released snappy, witty and dark dance pop songs that are genuine and captivating. “The Joke Is On Me” is her latest single and it doesn’t disappoint.

“The Joke Is On Me” tells the deeply personal story of Sadye’s battle with cancer. She shares, “the entire essence of the song is in the first two lines. It’s an idea that has haunted me a lot—physically surviving but becoming kind of mentally ruined. I had a lot of questions in the wake of what I went through and even years later. I put them into this record. I think we all wonder why we’re here for different reasons, so I feel like people will relate to that aspect of the song.”  The song begins with tranquil synths and Sadye’s signature sweet vocals. It soon culminates into a dramatic dance party with explosive beats and invigorating melodies.

Sadye soars to perfection with her music, reminding listeners that they are not alone in their struggles. Her image is striking and her music radically fresh matching her otherworldly talent. Take a listen to “The Joke Is On Me” and live in Sadye’s unique world.