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Saint Ahmad makes you lose your mind on “MINDS”

Saint Ahmad is starting a revolution within the NYC club circuit. Still reeling off the buzz of his recent release “LGC” featuring the highly acclaimed songstress Lolita Leopard, Saint Ahmad is back with yet another adrenaline-inducing hit. Entitled “MINDS”, the track is written about overcoming toxic thought patterns and limiting beliefs.

“Minds” will crank up the volume with lucid shockwaves of beats. With a thrilling music video to pair, Saint Ahmad tells the story of his development into queer culture featuring cornerstone figures from the LGBTQ+ community. Honoring foundational club kids among the likes of RuPaul and Leigh Bowery along with modern day queer tastemakers, the music video is a timeless profile on expression. “MINDS” will transfix you from start to finish with hard-hitting raver sonics and lyrics that push the envelope.

Saint Ahmad is a New York City based, LGBTQ+ artist who has planted his roots in the club community. “MINDS” is his latest release as he gears up for his upcoming EP.