Sam Creighton – After Midnight

Sam Creighton debuts with her third single “After Midnight”. Opening with minimal production, Sam’s voice cuts through with rhythmic songwriting and calm croon. An edictment of 2am “u up?” texters, this song grows with an anthemic energy as the chorus approaches. The drop slams with masterful production that drives the rest of the song with groove.

Sam Creighton is certainly an artist on the rise, dropping impressive single after single! We’ll be sure to keep an eye out and can’t wait to hear what comes next!

In her words:
For anyone who has ever been wronged or taken advantage of at the cost of your own sanity and self – respect, this song is for you. It’s an anthem to the fuck boys after a hard realization that we don’t need you anymore!! I hope it empowers girls, boys, people in unhealthy relationships and everyone in between. I wrote this song while I was HEATED, after a Tinder guy messaged me at 2 am “U UP?” I was mad at him, but also at myself – for thinking that was all I was worthy of. This song was a catharsis for me, a catalyst for the journey of self love that I am currently on, and I know it will be that for listeners as well” – Sam Creighton

Nathan Irving
Nathan Irving (aka Nate Flaks) is a writer for WFNM & 1/2 of the electronic indie-pop duo Sleeping Lion.