Sarah Barrios – Letters I Never Sent

Sarah Barrios has soul and isn’t afraid to show you all of it on her debut EP “Letters I Never Sent.”

A mix of infectious bedroom pop and confessional piano ballads, Barrios shows true vulnerability in her debut.

The standout track is the single “Emotional” in which Barrios questions her emotional responses, her “too much-ness” and her self- worth.

Of the track Barrios said,

“I’ve always felt like a person who has a lot of feelings a lot of the time and the emotional whiplash can be pretty overwhelming. I got to the point where I was just like ‘Why am I like this? Why does everything feel so intense all of the time?’”

She reflects on the intensity of her feelings when she sings “afraid of myself/ cause I’m loving and hating with no control.”

With her relatable lyrics, catchy melodies and breezy voice, Barrios debut EP is a strong start for this pop newcomer.

Kate Bent
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