Sarah Gross – The Riversides [EP]

Long Island, New York’s Sarah Gross releases her 5-track EP ‘The Riversides,’ a project that puts her impeccable songwriting and storytelling abilities on full display. With a sound akin to Maggie Rogers, Kasey Musgraves, and Brandi Carlisle, the artist presents a unique musical experience in every one of her indie/folk tracks. ‘The Riversides’ marks Sarah’s first project since the release of her debut album, Songs from the Passenger Seat, in 2020. Her comeback single, “Undertow,” debuted on September 17th.

“‘I always thought my town had such interesting characters. It’s not the prettiest, but it’s special. All of the songs on ‘The Riversides’ are real stories I’ve experienced in my hometown. My main influences for this album came from listening to a lot of folk and country music with my family. As I close this chapter of being a college student in my life, the creation of this EP was a reflective experience for me to get closure on where I grew up.” 

– Sarah Gross

In her latest EP, Sarah embarks on a wondrous  journey of vulnerability and self-reflection, weaving through complex themes of love, nostalgia, and heartbreak. The artist enters a new era of music with the project, one that serves as a fitting tribute to the growing pains and lessons learned during her childhood adolescence. Songs like “June” and “Osprey Park” effortlessly transport listeners to Sarah’s hometown on the South Shore of Long Island, a credit to the truth-telling qualities that make her music one-of-a-kind. 

Sarah Gross is a Long Island, New York native who brings listeners back to a golden age of music making. Her distinct indie/folk sound is  one that brilliantly embodies the emotion and understanding of life’s experiences. After years of songwriting and recording, Sarah released her debut EP, ‘Between Stars,’ in 2018. The project sparked a musical journey that now includes five singles in her EP, The Riversides.

Chandler Juliet