SATICA – Check$

“Ain’t got check$ yet but I got love for you, love for you”.

Under the upbeat and chill melodies filled with SATICA’s god-send vocal, lying an utmost gratitude and respect that SATICA has for her mom.

Born into a family of Khmer Rouge genocide’s survivors, as much as the Long Beach-native felt grateful towards her parents, for giving her a better chance at life in the states; the guilt for being a singer/songwriter washes over her from time to time.

However, SATICA is on her way, determined on making up for all her mother’s sacrifices as the song goes: “Sorry I don’t got time for you. I’m currently busy tryna gettin’ million dollars. Thought you’d understand that this is always what you wanted.”

Overall, I have absolute faith in SATICA since early days as I see the potential in her not just as an artist, but also as a songwriter/producer. You could find her contributions in Tiffany Young’s latest EP – Lips on Lips, from Transparent Arts Agency (founded by Far East Movement), who recently sold out all her first headlining-shows across North America.

Vivienne Do