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‘save me from me’ Is the New EP From Caelin Full of Inner Exploration and Honesty

As a result of an introspective process, Austin-based singer/songwriter Caelin has just unleashed her debut EP ‘save me from me’. The EP is kind of a journey about her relationship with herself brought about by the pandemic in which humanity spent much time locked up with itself.

Caelin presents 5 songs full of honesty and intimacy, and although each one touches different themes separately, somehow you can feel a common thread that makes them a concept, at least in musical terms.

Soft sounds of the ballad-pop style predominate, devoid of excessive instrumental dressing. On the contrary, the artist seems to have opted for a more neat and tidy sound, which allows one to feel the emotions she is trying to get to her followers and connect with her, through her lyrics and velvety voice.

The five songs she included in this debut EP are ‘save me from me’, ‘nobody’s home’, ‘back to the ground’, ‘look me in the eye’ and ‘your grave’. All of them result from collaboration with Austin singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Mobley.

Together they wrote and produced the EP along with production from Mason Ables (Back to the Ground)  – all of which was produced virtually, over Zoom. A wise decision by Caelin and his team was not to focus on following current trends, but to indulge in a more organic style based on their own creative vision.

Caelin is a rising artist who began sharing music in 2019, fusing dream pop, rock, Americana, and folk. With this first album, she has reached an important musical level that will surely allow her to remain in the sights of her followers and the industry.