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Serinity vows never to be used again

It’s kind of hard to tell you who Serinity ‘is’ right now, not because she’s in any way anonymous, but because this is truly the first almost anyone’s ever heard of her, seeing as how this song is her debut release!

Whoever she decides to be as a musician from now on, one thing’s for certain about this artist out sacramento: She sure knows how to make one hell of a good first impression as a singer and as a songwriter. very few people choose to kick start their career by showing themselves at their most vulnerable, and the few that do are not necessarily as talented and polished as she is.

“You Used Me” is today’s song called and it’s an absolutely stunning pop ballad that unfurls into an empowering uproar of revindication. The song tells of the terrifying prospect of realizing your relationship is much more one-sided than you first believed it was. Serinity reminds of how powerful illusion and love can be, and how responsibly we should act when the two things meet
“You Used Me” is based on an actual relationship I had in which I was blinded by the idea of being in love and missed all the signs that he maybe didn’t feel the same way.”

Breaking up with this ugly realization was terribly painful for Serinity, and her emotional vocals convey that more than well enough, particularly in the first quarter of the song, where the forlorn, piano-driven intro sets the stage.

“When we broke up and I found out how he really felt, I learned the hard way how easy it is to ignore the red flags when you love someone. To anyone else who has been in this situation, I hope this song resonates with you and you know you’re not alone in your heartbreak! “
Far from being only about lamenting the loss of a relationship that never truly was all , Serinity turns things around in an empowering way, by blasting off with a much stronger beat that basically says “Even though you used me, you didn’t ruin me”.

I think the most important thing that we can say about “You Used Me” is that it’s an exciting first bite at what Serinity has to offer the world with her talent. What comes next? Just who is Serinity?