SHELLS – Jailbird

SHELLS delivers another intense, soul grabbing, feel good song – “Jailbird”, along with her debut EP “SHAPES”, which also features previous offerings, Gold & Jagwar. The EP is due for release on 25th November via 5/5.

“Jailbird” sounds like Pop meets Electroacoustic. Definitely some fun had in the studio with this one. Running on feelings, you’ll find cut-up cymbals, chest-slaps, claps, humming and Kora sounds cleverly placed within this track.

The story’s in the title really. The songwriting style isn’t just a formula. This song is from that place where all great songs come from and it connects with all of us. Needless to say, SHELLS vocals carry this piece to paradise.

SHELLS: “It was great fun creating and building delicate and minimal music underneath such a feisty lyric. It’s one of my favourites.” Totally understand where she is coming from. Theres a real sense of Freedom in the relationship between songwriting and production which is rare to find and results in a mystical listening experience.

Jonny Stemp