Single Review: Latin-American artist ANASTASIA takes listeners on surrealist journey with new song ‘Mariposa’ and accompanying music video


ANASTASIA is committed to taking her audience to strange new places as she delivers one of the freshest singles you’ll likely hear this summer.

Latin-American rising artist, ANASTASIA, has released her debut EP with title track ‘Mariposa’ (Spanish for ‘butterfly’) and a mind-bending accompanying music video.

The release comes as the Los Angeles-based singer grows her fan base and offers her listeners an intriguing, psychedelic twist on the Reggaeton and Latin Pop genres with her songs.

The single, ‘Mariposa,’ is a dance-ready anthem with a profound message about inner growth and self-acceptance. Blissful synths, foot-tapping drum beats, and an infectious chorus make it stand out, while ANASTASIA’s voice is unexpectedly ethereal.

As an artist, ANASTASIA has already received acclaim for her work from unexpected places, supported by Grammy Award Winner and two-time Oscar Winner Ric Wake. As well as this, ANASTASIA had the honor of her song ‘Familia’ being placed with FOX Entertainment Music as their anthem for Latin Heritage Month of 2022.

The release of ‘Mariposa’ comes alongside a music video directed by Gabrielle Gorman. The video has been called “a butterfly-filled surreal psychedelic Alice in Wonderland-inspired story, shot in the beautiful outdoors across Southern California.”

The video serves as an excellent accompaniment to the song. As with ANASTASIA’s other videos for songs like ‘Red Flag’ and ‘Paciencia’ (also directed by Gorman), the visuals here are less interested in concrete stories and are more interested in striking set-piece images and fantastical world-building – it’s about ‘showing, not telling.’

Unlike many artists still early in their careers, ANASTASIA has a comprehensive visual aesthetic. Heavy colors, otherworldly images, and complex symbolism are some of the most potent tools which ANASTASIA and her creative team employ. You’ll be clicking the ‘Replay’ button just to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

With ‘Mariposa,’ ANASTASIA continues to push creative boundaries. This video precedes the official music video for ‘Sirena,’ made completely using AI animation and drops a week later. The video tells a mesmerizing tale of a sailor’s encounter with a mermaid who saves her life. These videos form part of ANASTASIA’s broader creative vision. She says they “take the viewer to a world in which fantasy and reality collide and co-exist magically.” 

Listeners who want to hear more are invited to explore the many gems in her five-track debut EP, Mariposa.

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