Skylet Gunner – Confessions of a Murdered Heart [Music Video]

Dark pop artist Skylet Gunner makes her debut with her new single, “Confessions Of A Murdered Heart”,  coupled with a seductive music video directed by Bethany Gould and shot by Genevieve Adams.

Sensual and foreboding at the same time, Skylet’s voice, image, and storytelling immediately draw you in and put you in a mood you never knew you needed. 

“Confessions Of A Murdered Heart” is the “dead girl walking” anthem; a story from the perspective of a strong woman who chooses to make bad decisions, leaving her feeling void. There’s always that one person who you can’t help yourself from wanting despite a tired history of tribulations. You feel dead inside but you keep going, dragging your heart along with you.

Watch the music video for “Confessions of a Murdered Heart” HERE: 

The opening line of the song is “Mon amour, j’avous.” (Translation: “My love, I admit.”)

Gunner felt that incorporating French in the song would add a powerful and sensual dynamic to the song, all the while conceptually portraying the miscommunication that often happens between a couple in comparing the idea of speaking a different language to never being on the same page. #relatable

Here’s what Skylet had to say about her newest release: 

“Take responsibility and own your shit, because that’s when you truly get to know yourself and gain control.

– Skylet Gunner

Native New Yorker Skylet Gunner is an American singer-songwriter living in LA. Her music oozes sensuality with provocative lyrics and themes of female empowerment, self-reflection, and millennial romance. A soundscape of moody beach guitar blended with organic and electronic elements, topped with sultry vocals. The vibe is indie/dark pop with a vintage flare and modern edge, in the vein of Lana Del Rey, Lorde, and Nancy Sinatra.

It’s refreshing to find a unique artist who nails the branding package early on – and it’s inspiring to be able to discover incredible talent still making waves while we weather the storm of stillness. Looking forward to hearing what Skylet Gunner has for us next. 

Chandler Juliet