Sleeping Lion & Evangelia – Windowseat

Electro-pop duo Sleeping Lion is back with their new single, “Windowseat” featuring singer-songwriter Evangelia, and it immediately pulls you in. Piano and Evangelia’s intriguing vocals start off this soulful track as she begins to hint at feelings of betrayal and a love story reaching the beginning of the end. When Sleeping Lion’s vocals come in with a strongly sung second verse, they reveal that in the story, the pair hasn’t made up their mind yet, they are still figuring out what the next move is, as they both metaphorically look as the landscape of the complicated relationship in question. Sleeping Lion has a seriously impressive track record with their past releases, and as usual, with this track, they are delivering the goods, displaying their gifted songwriting ability and seemingly effortless pop production.

Don’t sleep on Sleeping Lion, or Evangelia either in this case; she was a gem discovery in writing this review! Excited to see what’s next from these talented artists.

Chandler Juliet