Sleeping Lion’s “Good” Bodes Well for the Duo

Warning: This is not a happy song.

At first listen, this song is sad. Sleeping Lion weaves a haunting sonic quilt with the reverberating chorus literally saying “you were good for me but anybody could be.” If you are frustrated with dating or bouncing back from a particularly trivial break up with an online hookup, this song is for you. Sometimes I am that person. I certainly was today, so I thought this song had enough clap to run it back a couple of times on my drive home, and that’s when I noticed the hidden beauty of this song: It slaps when it’s loud.

I was driving with the top down through the city fast enough to have to crank the volume so I could hear the music and I realized just how clear the mix was. The hits perfect. The attack and delay are sweet and punchy. The production shines when you can hear every element of it. So if you’re planning to wallow while you listen to GOOD, don’t. Get outside. Put on some headphones and run, or do like me and crank it loud in the car. (Now I see why they spent a year producing for others. Answer: Because others wanted to utilize their mad talents.)

Wistful. Cutting. Obviously painful. Moody. Take a loud listen to this masterfully produced Sleeping Lion track and join me in eagerly anticipating their next song, and hoping it’s a bit happier. We know they have the skill to make it clap.


Orly Israel
Orly was the first baby to be born in a blimp. He loves to write, surf, and think about the day he gets two Holstein cattle a Bernese Mountain dog and a little black cat as pets.